Horse & rider safety and happiness is a priority with Green Birch Equestrian Surfaces

30mm screen

We are thrilled to offer an even finer fibre here at Green Birch Equestrian Surfaces. Thanks to our friends at Weimar we have now installed our state of the art 30mm equestrian screen. We are now able to offer you a synthetic fibre even finer than ever before, yet one which is durable to withstand all weather conditions.

We are reducing the size of the synthetic fibres in order for a better bind blend, creating a superior and more consistent equestrian surface. Get in touch to find out more about our 30mm equestrian screen fibres.

We have an extensive range of eco-fibres for all your equestrian surfaces needs. Please do get in touch with our Experienced Team for advice on topping up your arena or new surfaces installation.

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