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8 Steps To Building Your Dream Horse Arena

Are you considering building an arena at home? Inspired by Instagram picture perfect arenas? Our expert equestrian surfaces team work with some of the best arena installation firms in the UK. In this blog, they share their tips on what to consider to ensure your dream manège doesn’t turn into a nightmare construction.

Choosing The Right Location

Planning to put your dream arena in the middle of a field away overlooking your yard? Typically, local authorities tend to favour builds near to existing buildings. An experienced arena construction company will be apt at helping you choose the perfect arena location.

For example, selecting a spot away from trees will not only remove the issue of falling leaves and root intrusion but, again, could prevent your planning office from objecting over concerns over the influence on any mature trees in the vicinity.

Best Laid Plans

The whole planning process for arena installation can take up to three months. Your arena construction company will usually handle the entire process for you. If you are planning on building your dream arena in an area of outstanding beauty, the aesthetics of your equestrian arena will be of grave importance. If you are planning to install lighting, then be aware that you may have to compromise depending on the location (neighbours or even public roads can be determining factors).

Down To Earth

The soil that you are working with also needs to be considered. If your soil is boggy or particularly rocky, this can add to the overall cost. Access to the site is also an important consideration. Running through more smaller lorries because the bigger trucks can’t gain access due to boggy ground or narrow entrances can also bump up the price.

Size Matters

During those first discussions with your arena construction company, the actual size and use of the dream arena should be spoken about in depth. Most dressage riders will opt for a 60 x 20 arena, but for show-jumping, most developers will recommend extra width to allow more scope for jump placement.

If you are planning on doing a lot of lunging, then you might want to consider installing a separate lunging pen. Building a lunging pen is better in the long term rather than compromising your arena with this type of localised intense activity. 

It’s All About The Base

Would you still expect your house to be standing if it was built on weak foundations?! Get the base of your school right, and you and your horses will enjoy years of a well-drained, sure-footed arena, needing only to replace your top layer, fencing and kickboards when they reach the end of their life expectancy. Invest in your arena at the base level, paying particular attention to drainage.

Invest In The Best

It’s important to remember that whatever premium surface you put on your arena, it will only ever be able to perform as intended if the underlying base is correctly deposited and fit for long term performance. Don’t sacrifice on membranes and stone and ensure that your drainage network is appropriately laid and prepared.

Choose Your Top Layer Carefully

Choosing your top surface layer needs to be done with consideration and is the ‘icing on the cake’ for building a new dream arena.

With so many equestrian surfaces to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which is best for your newly constructed arena.

Factors to consider include the life span of the surface, the type and amount of use and even water retention can all sway your final decision. Once you have decided on the arena surface you want, then do further investigation.

Cheap doesn’t equate to quality. Our Eco-Surfaces are very competitively priced and also come in 5 different variations. Whether you’re looking for a surface to withstand heavy traffic use, a binding fibre to mix with sand or a quality arena surface at a lower price point without compromising on quality.

Our collection of durable, cushioned fibre arena surfaces are manufactured in the UK with exceptional care and processing. All our eco-surfaces are all-weather. Our surfaces cope well with wet and dry and are frost resistant and retain good moisture content for those prolonged dry weather patterns.

Reputation Is Everything

Reputation and customer service are crucial to your horse manège build. Choosing a company which prides itself on delivering outstanding customer care is as important as the finished result.

Whether you are selecting a premium arena surface or full arena construction, do your research before parting with your money.

Talk To Our Friendly Team Today For Your Arena Surface Requirements.

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