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GBE become a member of Carpet Recyling UK

This year Green Birch Environmental have re-used over 10,000 carpet tiles. rather than going to landfill, helping local charities, churches and community centres with their flooring needs

Greenbirch Environmental Ltd are based at
Wheatley Mills, Milethorn Lane, Doncaster, DN1 2SX
They recycle carpet waste into underlay and wherever possible they re-use the carpet waste. 
They have a re-use shop on site with surplus stock and hundreds of carpet tiles available.

Katrina Timms, Business Operations Manager is the main point of contact. She said that they will try and accommodate requests from professionals working with families’ in-need.

They have a limited amount of stock that can be donated to families or community groups.
Once this give-away stock has been allocated they will provide carpet tiles at 20p each, this means for example that a room 4m x 3m would cost £10.60

Families in-need who have a Stronger Communities Officer, Social Worker, Wellbeing Officer or other support agency can request a referral for free carpet tiles.
There is a huge range of carpet tiles to choose from.
Contact Katrina Timmins (Business Operations Manager)

01302 367 264

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